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Spy-Proofing: Deutsche Telekom Pushes for All-German Internet

Recent revelations about NSA spying have given fresh impetus to the dream of a purely German Internet. Deutsche Telekom believes it could introduce a system safe from prying foreign surveillance, but some criticize the plan as pointless.Even before it emerged that the National Security Agency had wiretapped her mobile phone, German ChancellorAngela Merkel was calling for the Internet to have something like Airbus -- a joint European initiative able to compete with the dominance of American and Chinese high-tech companies, just as Airbus does with the US aerospace giant Boeing. Currently, the global market for software and online services is

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13 Nov
Blogs of War @BlogsofWar
Wouldn’t work anyway - RT @El_Grillo1: Spy-Proofing: Deutsche Telekom Pushes for All-German Internet http://t.co/tovhk68aMu
12 Nov
joshuafoust @joshuafoust
German internet autarky too. I wish them luck thinking that's *more* secure from NSA spying http://t.co/qYroFg21r3