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Smart TVs not so smart when it comes to security, privacy

A hacker in your living room: researchers have shown how internet-connected TVs can be remotely manipulated. Smart TVs are bringing smartphone-like features to the telly, but their makers aren't quite baking-in the same security that Apple and Google have in their mobile platforms.Stick an embedded computer, operating system, web browser, camera and microphone into a television set and what do you get? A smart TV that can be controlled by someone who's not sitting in your lounge room.But when smartphones, tablets and laptops already follow owners to the most private spaces within their homes, should one more networked device raise alarm bells?

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13 Nov
Rebecca Herold @PrivacyProf
Smart TVs not so smart when it comes to #security, #privacy http://t.co/tHJTIW3MfT