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Infection rates and end of support for Windows XP

Malware Infection and encounter rates

In the newly released Volume 15 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIRv15), one of the key findings to surface relates to new insight on the Windows XP operating system as it inches toward end of support on April 8, 2014.In this post we want to highlight our Windows XP analysis and examine what the data says about the risks of being on unsupported software. In the SIR, we traditionally report on supported operating systems only. For this analysis we examined data from unsupported platforms, like Windows XP SP2, from a few different data points:Earlier today we published a blog post that discussed a new metric for analyzing malware

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29 Oct
securityninja @securityninja
RT @Trojan7Sec: If you run windows XP you have a 99.1% chance of been infected by malware http://t.co/iVjPhSkFTz
29 Oct
Kimberly @StopMalvertisin
MMPC | Infection rates and end of support for Windows XP http://t.co/pKWfeQgi1x
29 Oct
Microsoft MMPC @msftmmpc
Our blog "Infection rates and end of support for Windows XP" - how end of support for XP might affect infection rates http://t.co/lHyxLKYHdW