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Hackers probe HTTPS weaknesses

HTTPS security

(Editors note: In this guest essay, Rohit Sethi, Vice President of consultancy Security Compass, examines the implications of HTTPS, the protocol for secure network communications, coming under attack.)HTTPS is vulnerable to attack, and we can expect the situation to worsen over time. In two to five years, serious compromises of the Web's underlying security structure could take place more frequently at the criminal level.This doesn't mean that HTTPS is broken - it still provides strong protection against many online threats. But for individuals and corporations, the lesson here is that HTTPS shouldn't be solely relied upon.E-commerce, online

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12 Nov
Private WiFi @privatewifi
The reason why a #VPN is the way to go for #WiFiSecurity: @USATODAY reports Hackers probe HTTPS weaknesses: http://t.co/IrTPvzc9PY
12 Nov
navid @navidrockni
Hackers probe HTTPS weaknesses http://t.co/MzBwlpvnGR