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CyberCrime & Doing Time: A Prominent American Express Phish

The spam messages started flowing shortly before 9 AM, and by 10:30 we had received 548 copies of a spam email that looked like this: But the highlighted link that claims it will take you to https://www.americanexpress.com/ actually goes to one of 419 URLs on one of 57 compromised webservers. The list of servers is: Here's the Phish Walk Through once we finally arrive at one of the three destination phishing sites: Then the Social Security number, your birthdate, your mother's maiden name, her birthdate, and a PIN. So, to gather the userid and password of a few hundred American Express card holders, the phisher today was willing and able

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29 Oct
Virus Bulletin @virusbtn
More than 70 web servers compromised to obtain the credit card details of a few hundred AmEx card holders http://t.co/aap2LeGXBR