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Cryptolocker Holds Your Files For Ransom

A new piece of ransomware is giving Internet users one more reason to think twice before they click a link in an email. A virus known as Cryptolocker has been infecting PCs around the world and effectively holding the files within for ransom. Users who have their files locked up by the ransomware are currently paying $300 to $700 to the criminals who run the virus to gain control of their computer.So far, there have been no reports of the hackers reinfecting a machine once the ransom has been paid. However, those PC owners who do not pay the ransom fees may have their files lost forever, especially if they do not perform regular and offsite backups.

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29 Oct
Kaspersky Lab @kaspersky
#Cryptolocker #Virus Holds Your Files For Ransom, Kaspersky Researcher, @dimitribest weighs in. http://t.co/L6r47pMR6R