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Insecure home webcam crackdown

A company whose home cameras were hacked, causing privacy intrusions for hundreds of people, has been admonished by the US Federal Trade Commission.The FTC scolded manufacturer Trendnet for the weaknesses that meant supposedly private video feeds were in fact viewable by anyone online.Commonly referred to as the Internet of Things, the idea that many things in the home - not just typical computers - will be connected to the internet is tipped to be a major industry in the near future."The Internet of Things holds great promise for innovative consumer products and services," said FTC chairwoman Edith Ramirez. "But consumer privacy and security

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20 Sep
Canaudit, Inc. @Canaudit
Trendnet ruling heralds crackdown on insecure home webcams ~ http://t.co/y3Y4sixe1X ~ [http://t.co/HzomAKzkiT]
06 Sep
Dave Whitelegg @SecurityExpert
Trendnet ruling heralds crackdown on insecure home webcams http://t.co/oCqdKbGFyT
05 Sep
Jeremiah Grossman @jeremiahg
"[Trendnet] is now barred from referring to their cameras as 'secure' in marketing material." http://t.co/fqAP2ybhJf #webcam vulnerability
05 Sep
Fausto Cepeda @FaustoCepeda
Tienes una cámara web *segura* para vigilar tu casa. http://t.co/GgxsIqzBxQ
05 Sep
Gunter Ollmann @gollmann
Insecure home webcam crackdown http://t.co/WNwJsxWoGt
05 Sep
Brian Pennington @bfpennington
#Trendnet ruling heralds crackdown on insecure home webcams http://t.co/qui3IpBgXd